How Can Glass Balustrades Enhance Your Home Interior

Internal and external glass balustrades are a popular design feature used within homes for both functionality and aesthetics. From glass balustrade stairs to the balcony balustrade, they are the perfect solution to add a touch of style and modernity to the home. Glass balustrades have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the array of benefits they provide. If you’re interested in enhancing your home interior, read on to discover how glass balustrades can help.

Space illusion

One of the main reasons interior designs love glass features is its ability to create the illusion of more space. The illusion is particularly enhanced when the glass balustrade uses clear glass. It is a common misconception that glass features should only be used for large modern houses. In fact, incorporating glass balustrade systems create an open, spacious feel to homes of all sizes.

Light enhancing

Lighting can completely transform the feel of a room. That’s why glass balustrades are becoming such a popular design feature. Having natural light flow through a room not only makes it appear bigger, it adds to the aesthetic. Where traditional stair railings blocks light, glass balustrade stairs enhances it.


Strong and durable

Although possible, it is very difficult to break the glass used for glass balustrades. At Applied Workplace, all balustrades and glass partitions for the home are constructed using toughened glass. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing slight knocks to your balcony balustrade won’t cause any serious harm. Additionally, opting for glass reduces the need to maintain your interior feature. Other materials such as wood will warp or corrode, whereas glass lasts for decades with no sign of ageing. The only maintenance required is a simple clean with a standard glass cleaning spray.

Versatile designs

There are several ways to incorporate the trendy feature into your home. One of the most popular choices is a frameless glass balustrade on a staircase to achieve a sleek look that enhances the stairway area. Alternatively, when used internally, balcony balustrades make ceilings look higher and rooms larger. Or, incorporate them externally to create a clear, unobstructed view to the outside area. There is really no limit to the benefits the glass balustrade provides.

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