Glass Partitions vs Demountable Partitions

Choosing the right office partitioning can be difficult. With glass and demountable partitioning both having a range of benefits, it’s important you pick the most suitable type for your business. Here are a few differences between demountable and glass partitions to help you choose.

Points for versatility

Demountable partitioning’s re-locatable nature makes it perfect for those prone to redesigning their office. Unlike glass partitioning, the modules of demountable partitions are interchangeable and therefore can easily be relocated to suit any work environment.

Glass partitions for office openness

Unlike demountable partitioning, the transparency of glass partitions gives offices the ultimate feel of space and openness. This is perfect for companies wanting to increase employee bonding whilst decreasing the cold, corporate image of their working environment.


Demountable partitions are perfect for privacy

For businesses wanting to retain a high sense of privacy, the opaqueness of demountable partitions is ideal. Whilst perfect for board or meeting rooms, demountable partitioning gives employees a higher degree of personal space and sense of confidentiality whilst at work.

Keeping things quiet

For work environments where concentration is vital, demountable partitions are best. With these office partitions low noise transmission allows conversations to remain private, whilst emphasising the confidentiality of the work place.

The ultimate modern aesthetic

For businesses wanting a modern image, the sleek design of glass office partitions is perfect. Whilst increasing the light in a work environment, glass walls create a contemporary aesthetic that is perfect for new businesses or those desiring a chic style.


Office partition customisability

Whether you choose glass or demountable partitioning, each partition type can be customised with your corporate colours and logo. This is perfect for companies aiming to increase their brand identity and impress during client visits.

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