Five Of The Fanciest Offices To Work In


Photo by: BAKOKO

For most of us, our work place isn’t the most inspiring place to be. The hallmarks of the office block tend to be dull grey carpets, beige walls, and fluorescent lighting. However, there are some companies who believe that an inspiring workplace is essential for inspired staff. Here are five of the fanciest office blocks in the world.

1.      The Cactus- Qatar

This eco-friendly building is unique. The building houses the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture (MMAA), and is intended to look like a cactus. It is designed to be extremely eco-friendly with energy efficiency in mind. It has sun shades on its windows, which can be opened or closed according to the temperature, and a botanical garden. It is hoped that in future the garden will include an edible garden, and plants to clean up water waste.

2.       Group on Offices-Chicago

The rapidly expanding discount voucher company has some seriously odd offices in Chicago. The company headquarters include rooms such as ‘Michael’s Room’ which is bizarrely kitted out to look like an eighties teenager’s bed room. Some of the more unusually named rooms are the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, No Diggity, Available, Unavailable, and Leonard’s Skinyard. A nice idea is the dotting around of big whiteboards, for employees to write notes or doodle on. This tongue in cheek tour of the Group on offices reveals it all and is hilarious.

3.       Mother- London Offices

Mother advertising agency is based in Shoreditch, and has come up with an interesting way to make it easy for staff to interact creatively with one another. There is only one desk in the agency, a concrete giant that stretches 240 feet around the office. Staff are encouraged to move every few weeks, so that everyone has a chance to work with each other. My favourite part of the office design is the tuck-shop style meeting rooms, enabling staff to fuel their creative energies by munching on their favourite treats.

4.       Mind Candy-London

The gaming company has turned its offices into a toy-box for adults. The walls are covered with the outlines of the companies’ ‘Moshi Monsters’, and staff and visitors are encouraged to colour them in. A combination of AstroTurf, warped windows, trees and leaves gives the office the appearance of a scene out of Alice and Wonderland. Adding to the fun are pinball-sweet machines, Ping-Pong tables and slides. Extremely jealousy inducing.

5.       DTC Offices Bangkok

The DTC offices in Thailand are huge. Covering around 650,000 square feet it is one of the biggest office leases in Thailand’s history. There is an entire floor dedicated to fun with soccer and table tennis tables, a running track, and concert and performance spaces. There is also a huge atrium library, a conversation pit and dining room to encourage creativity. All in all, not a bad place to work.

If you’ve been inspired by any of these office ideas there are plenty or ways to improve your office at a lower cost. Get in touch with our design team for details on our office and glass office partitions on 01202 577776.