Do Open-Plan Offices Reduce Productivity?

We understand the importance of ensuring your staff work in an environment that will encourage productivity. Office layout plays a big part in this. For businesses looking to modernise their office, open-plan offices have increased in popularity; however, this has led to many discussions about whether an open-plan office reduces productivity. We want to help, so we’ve weighed up the pros and cons for you!

Benefits of open-plan offices


  • Inclusive communication

Open-plan offices create a feeling of inclusiveness for all employees; the open environment establishes a feeling of transparency between departments, which can help staff to better understand everything that happens in their place of work. This can help to inspire more conversations between teams.



  • Open workspace = increased collaboration

Having an open-plan office takes down the walls (both figuratively and literally!) between departments. Staff get exposed to different areas of expertise and this open environment can encourage teams to collaborate.


Disadvantages of open-plan offices


  • Restricted team work and creativity

Break-away spaces are becoming increasing popular in offices; smaller office environments separated by wall partitions can encourage teams to work closer together, resulting in a surge of ideas and knowledge sharing. Glass partitions or office partition screens are perfect for sectioning off a space that can be dedicated to nurturing creativity.

  • Reduced privacy

Some workers may feel they work better in a space with more privacy. Office partitions can create this space. Glass office partitions can add this in a way that isn’t obstructive and won’t damage the modern aesthetic of the open-plan design.

  • Distractions

A larger office means more people and more noise. Headphones can help here, but if it’s not the noise, there’s visual distractions. Conquer this with solutions such as solid wall partitions to prevent a reduction in productivity.


If you would like to improve your office and productivity levels, you don’t have to embark on a massive project to upheave your office; office partitions are an adaptable solution and quick to install. Email Applied Workplace at to find out more, call 01202 577 776 or use our free partition quote calculator.