Create a Modern Design with Glass Partition Walls

Glass Office PartitionsCreating a modern, comfortable working environment where employees can be productive is of paramount importance to the development of the company.  There are many types of materials which can be used.  Glass partition walls instead of solid partitions can help with light levels in a dark building.  Glass partitions can be used to divide off sections of a building and are very useful, especially in large buildings which may have sections where light from the windows does not penetrate. Industrial warehouses are typically large sheds similar to agricultural buildings with no windows.  In these types of buildings, glass partitions are invaluable and allowing what light there is to penetrate into office spaces and meeting rooms.

Glass partitions can be ceiling high or half height depending on the situation and the clients’ requirements.  Subtle lighting can be used as interior decoration and designed to match the company’s corporate colours. Doors can also be glazed to match the glass partitions.   They can be made of glass blocks which are more permanent, or of glass sheets in frames which are demountable and can be moved around.  This is particularly interesting in project offices when different projects may have different space requirements.  All glass partitions should be made of acetate which does not shatter and be health and safety approved.

Using glass partitions does not provide privacy, but blinds can be used inside the partition if required.  They do, however, allow employees to still communicate visually.  Half height partitions provide privacy but still have the advantage of employees being able to speak to each other if necessary.  On the other hand, full height glass partitions forming a soundproof room ensure confidentiality of telephone calls and conversations.  Partitioning a room is quick and easy.  You can, in some cases, even do the calculations for costs on line.  A reputable company which supplies glass partitioning walls will be able to advise on the best way forward and assist with designing the space.  You may need to provide a basic sketch of your requirements at the outset with the dimensions of the room and how many divisions you require.  This will help establish the space available and make the best use of it.

Glass partitions need not be expensive.  As with everything you purchase, you should shop around for the best deal.  Set some criteria for selection of the supplier.  Set a budget – and stick to it. It is easy to get carried away. Get some testimonials from clients who have used the companies you are interested in and who seem to offer what is required.  Obtain some quotations and make comparisons.  Suppliers of glass partitions will do site visits if you are unsure of what you want. They will do accurate measurements for you and install the room dividers as per the specifications for the layout.

You will be able to enjoy your new working environment in comfort and safety, and admire the modern clean lines provided by glass partitioning walls.  A safe, pleasant working environment makes for a happy productive employee.