How to Plan the Design of a Conference Room

A great conference room helps great ideas grow. It is the focal point of a business where big decisions are made, potential candidates are screened and creative ideation takes over. A conference room needs to be practical and professional in every way so that it enhances company development and acts as a multifunctional, creative hub that serves all requests.

The basics of conference room design

It’s essential to determine the maximum capacity the room will be required to hold. If you want a conference room for 30 people you will need at least 112sqm of space. Its essential that the room can cater for large and small meetings and group gatherings, with enough space to move around without having to navigate a maze of chairs.

Inspiring office design – classic neutrals at the Pemberstone offices

Office Partitions for flexible conference rooms

Office partitions are a cost effective and practical alternative to walls when creating a conference room. Choose an easily accessible section of office space and consider the shape of the room. Will it be square, rectangular or oval? Our recent blog post about creative office partitions is great if you need some office inspiration! One benefit of office partitions is their ability to be relocated and extended if needed. If the company grows, so can the office partition. Applied Workplace supply and fit demountable office partitions and glass office partitions with low sound transmission to provide you with the utmost privacy.


Showcase your brand

You may have guests attending meetings or participating electronically through video chat. Their impression of the meeting and your company will stem largely from any feelings evoked by the décor of the conference room [link to brand impression blog]. Brand the office partitioning with glass manifestations that include your logo, and carry the brand colours throughout the accessories.

Glass manifestation and atmospheric lighting

Fluid technology is essential

Nothing wastes more time than the setup of conference technology. Ensure that the TV is synchronized with the easiest screen sharing, video calling and conference calling software for a quick setup time. Add any finishing touches like tables, chairs and a sideboard for refreshments when guests arrive so that everything evokes the great ideas the business is built on.


With your conference design tips at the ready, get started on building the most useful conference room possible. Find out what glass office partitions could do for your business by contacting our expert team today or use our instant quote calculator for a price estimate.