All about Glass Manifestations

Image by Neal McIntosh

Glass manifestations are a way to build your interior walls from works of art. These patterned sheets of glass are the perfect office feature, offering a practical space as well as a stunning design feature. Their popularity keeps on growing and they are soon set to become as essential as the humble office swivel chair.

What are glass manifestations?

Glass Manifestations are quite simply frosted window films, which are applied onto glass to obscure vision or create a pattern. These computer-cut designs can take on any shape your imagination can conjure and they range from opaque to coloured.

As the process is digital, even very complex designs can be created. This sets them apart from traditional etching methods as not only are the design choices limited, but the effect is permanent on the glass.

Glass manifestations are perfect for an ever-evolving office because their designs are completely flexible. If you a tired of looking at a design, you can replace it with a different one, without having to replace the glass. The design is as fluid as a reflection on the glass, ready to change with your company.

How are they used?

They have multiple uses but the main two are to create a private space and add personality to the office.

The frosted glass effect allows you to create separate space within your office but make them more private for meeting, whilst still retaining the light from the office itself.

The intricate and tailor-made designs are guaranteed to bring life and personality into your office. This creates a pleasant working environment and an impressive feature that visitors to the workplace will remember.

Here are 3 great designs:

A flock of birds flying through Google’s office

Google’s glass manifestation is an eye-catching feature, which is key to the design of the office as a whole.  Following a ‘British Seaside’ theme, the designers have also created a Union Jack made from postcards and a sanded wooden floor seating area, similar to Brighton pier.

The surreal chaos of birds in the office creates a fun and memorable design, showing the creative potential in Glass Manifestations.

Bubbles and Lava Lamps

Another Google office has embraced glass manifestations resulting in a fun, bubbly and abstract office.

The design is all about bubbles and colour and quite cleverly combines lots of design elements to fully incorporate the glass manifestation into the space.

Scattered across the desks are bubbling lava lamps, and beyond the glass manifestation are coloured bubble chairs. The glass manifestation itself features huge, brightly coloured circles; bring the two rooms that it connects together into a vibrant fun place bursting with bubbles. The effect is almost like a 3D screen.

A giant eighteenth century map

Designed for the Masters’ Study at UEA London, this stunning design breathes the history of the city itself into this study space, making it a unique and inspiring learning environment.

Depicted in the glass manifestation is a map of eighteenth century London displaying how different the city was then compared with the one you can see out the window. The design has lots of clever details, like the location of the university appearing at eye-level by the door.

These are just a few of the most creative designs out there, demonstrating that the possibilities are endless with glass. No matter what your business, organisation or educational establishment wants to achieve in their design, glass manifestations have the ability to make a statement whilst also providing you with a practical space.

What glass manifestations would suit your place of work? Share in comments below.