A Guide to Decluttering your Office

Despite the efficiency of your office layout or solid partitions, your employees won’t be able to work properly in a cluttered workspace. As specialists in designing efficient office layouts with glass and demountable partitions, we have a few tips to declutter an office for maximum office productivity and satisfaction.


The office will not look organised if your employees aren’t organised. If you make sure that everybody in the office is aware of their own tasks, and the relevant tasks of the colleagues around them, there will be less clutter. Employees will only be using the resources that they need, opposed to getting out all of the resources they think might need.


Old paper isn’t going anywhere if there isn’t anywhere to put it! Make sure your office has enough bins, both for recycling and general waste. Employees are more likely to clear their clutter if the nearest bin is not too far away. Small additions to the office such as this can result in big changes in office productivity, if well implemented. Bins come in all sorts of designs so find one that blends in.Office Fornitures

Go Digital

It can’t take up space if it’s on a computer, so the more your office uses the digital platform, the less physical clutter there will be. In addition, working on computers and tablets grants access to many productivity apps to boost the organisation of the employees themselves.

Glass Partitions

Switching from solid partitions to glass office partitions gives a messy worker nowhere to hide – and increases light, productivity and office morale!

Could your office layout itself be causing clutter and disorganisation? If so, or you would like to know more about office partitions, contact Applied Workplace on 01202 577 776. Alternatively, you can get a free partition wall cost quote, email enquiries@appliedworkplace.co.uk or fill in the contact form.