5 of the Best Office Lighting Ideas

One of the top trends of office design in 2019 is the use of light. Ideally natural light, but that isn’t always possible. Office lighting and design are integral to creating a productive and comfortable work environment. We are behind getting creative with your lighting – these are some of our favourite fun office lighting ideas.

Taking the Spotlight

Contemporary designs are making spotlights cool again. Forget conventional choices such as blinding square ceiling lights. Stylish matte black spotlights are an instant way to add cool to industrial style offices.


Modern Offices

Source: https://nordicdesign.ca

Out of This World

Orbital and constellation lighting fixtures are becoming popular options for offices in 2019. They vary in styles from simple and inexpensive to extravagant and high-end. Our favourite style of orbital lights for offices are minimal hanging ceiling lights. They add both warmth and light into even the darkest of office spaces.


Modern Offices

Source: www.unsplash.com

Au Naturel

Keep office lighting low-cost and simplistic by optimising the natural light in your office. Access to natural light has been found to positively impact employee wellbeing and also increase productivity. Glass office partitions are an affordable way to maximise light flow, even without direct windows. Glass partitions suit both classic and contemporary styles, they can even be branded with colours and logos.


Out With The New, In With The Old

Inject sophistication into your office by choosing antique brass lighting. New looking polished brass has been trending for a while, but this year antique brass is making a comeback. Create a bold contrast by pairing old-fashioned brass with modern glass pendant lampshades.


Modern Offices

Source: www.jim-lawrence.co.uk

Think Big

Ceilings are a growing trend in the interior design space. From painted ceiling to ceiling patterns, ceilings are in the limelight in 2019. Draw attention to your office ceiling with oversized, statement lighting.


Modern Offices

Source: www.panik-design.com

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