4 Ways to Improve Workplace Acoustics

The design and layout of an office workspace is important. It needs to encourage productivity, communication and have enough natural light and space for employees to feel comfortable and happy. One of the most important aspects of an office workplace is its acoustics. If an office is too noisy, it can result in a loss of productivity and unhappy employees. According to Steve Johnson, founder of ADI Workplace Acoustics, approximately 70% of all employees in open work areas report that the biggest impact on their productivity is the conversations of their co-workers.

As more and more offices use an open plan design, the need for soundproofed meeting rooms has risen. These rooms become the space to have private discussions, hold important meetings and have client calls.

Taking the ABC of acoustics into consideration (Absorb, Block and Cover), there are some simple changes you can make to reduce noise pollution and make the most of your workspace.

Below are the four ways you can improve workplace acoustics:

  1. Soundproof partitions

Many modern offices use glass and solid partitions to create meeting rooms and break out areas. It can be difficult to produce a completely soundproof space using partitions but at Applied Workplace we have created a suitable option for those seeking to minimise noise. To ensure more privacy, we have a selection of soundproof partitions. These aren’t 100% soundproof but can minimise most noise and come in a variety of designs. Solid office partitions can be single or double glazed and will be more soundproof than a glass office partition. We offer double glazed acoustic doors and with special speech intelligibility, our acoustic partitions keep your confidential conversations private.

  1. High-backed chairs and sofas

There are some very simple changes you can make to your office workplace to reduce noise, such as choosing more acoustic friendly furniture. Not only do high backed chairs and sofas provide more privacy for conversations, they can also make a difference to the noise pollution in the office by absorbing the sound. Phone calls become less distracting and they also help minimise general desk noise.

  1. Installing ceiling grids

You may have heard of acoustic wall panels, but did you know you can also get acoustic grids for your ceiling? These ceiling panels absorb sound in the same way and introduce a barrier between the room and the space above it. They are great at absorbing noise and can be relatively easy to install.

  1. Furniture

Possibly the most fun way to improve workplace acoustics is by adding more furniture, filling out the space and adding soft furnishings. Plants are a great at breaking up noise in an open plan office and can also help air quality and improve staff mood. You can also add reduce noise and inject more character to your workplace by hanging pictures and adding cabinets or bookshelves. Another good way is to replace flooring with carpet which is much better at absorbing noise.

If you’d like assistance soundproofing your office and want to know more about our acoustic partition and furniture solutions, contact our team at Applied Workplace on 01202 577776. Alternatively, get in touch using our contact form or use our online calculator to get an instant no-obligation quote.