4 Ways to Decorate A Glass Office

Glass offices are a popular appeal in the modern office. Glass walls break down barriers between management and staff, they make the room feel bigger; reducing feelings of being cooped up, and they are visually more appealing than solid walls. Above that, glass partitions are budget-friendly. Glass office partitions are generally a cost-effective, lower cost solution for an office build.

One thing to be mindful of: office glass partitions mean full visibility. With this in mind, we share four ways to decorate glass offices.

1. Minimal design

Ensure there’s no clutter, or an excess of furnishings, as this can result in the office feeling small and restrictive. It will also be an eye-sore for the workforce in the surrounding area who look through the glass partitions every day.

2. Highlight the company brand

It’s a good opportunity to easily add branding throughout the main office. Choose glass manifestation partitions to decorate one panel, or more, with the company logo. This will marry the office glass partitions with the company brand and will keep the brand in the mind of visitors!

3. Maximise on contemporary style

Glass walls are always stylish and one of the areas first considered for a modern office. Maximise on this by adding contemporary furniture including armchairs or an eye-catching pendant or floor light.

4. Use colour to make the office inviting

Walking into an office can instil feelings of discomfort or nerves as they can remind people of interviews, appraisals or being reprimanded. Or they are reminiscent of meetings, which can lead to equally negative feelings! Add colour to the glass office in the form of a lamp, desk accessories or furniture to make the space more welcoming.

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