4 of the Best Office Plants

Office productivity can be altered by many factors, one of which is the visual appeal of the workplace. Our office partition experts have compiled this guide to some of the best plants that can be integrated into your office layout to improve its quality as a work environment.

Peace Lily

This adaptable plant also known as the Spathiphyllum and can grow in low office lighting. They are one of the best plants to grow for improving indoor air quality. Try to keep your peace lily out of direct sunlight as this can scorch the plant’s leaves.Office Plants


Although they come in many different shapes and sizes, all types of cacti don’t need much water, and are very easy to maintain. They do require more sunlight than other plants on this list so bear this in mind if you are planning    to grow a little spiky green friend in the office. Installing glass partitions are an effective way to introduce light throughout the office. Get a free quote from Applied Workplace today!Office Plants

Chinese Evergreen

This dark green plant, otherwise known as the Aglaonema, requires very little maintenance, so those in your office can enjoy its appearance without having to interrupt their busy schedules to tend to it very often. In addition, the Chinese Evergreen thrives in low light and removes toxins from the air.Office Plants


This colourful plant is very visually appealing, making it a great plant to boost the office productivity of employees. Having a few azaleas included in your office layout can help create a calm atmosphere.

Office Plants

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