4 Examples of Beautiful Glass Hotel Partitions

Glass hotel partitions serve an excellent aesthetic and functional purpose. Whether situated in the hotel reception or the rooms themselves, glass partitioning provides any hotel space with a beautiful aesthetic guests will remember long after their stay. Here are 5 examples of the most beautiful glass partitions in hotels over the world:

  1. Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, North Carolina

Located in the luxury Proximity hotel, these frameless glass partitions are one the guest’s first impression upon walking into the reception. Complimented by a cream colour scheme, this stellar example of demountable partitioning allows plenty of light into the room, ensuring the time spent waiting in the reception is as relaxing as the rest of their stay.


  1. Wiesergut Design Hotel, Austria

Nestled in the Alps, each room in the Wiesergut Design hotel boasts a plethora of stunning glass partitioning. The slim black frame also acts as a hotel room divider which completes this room’s warm, modern aesthetic, making it perfect for the hotel’s winter location.


  1. Cabana Suite, The Andaz, San Diego

Reserved only for the executive suites, this room’s glass partitioning divides the bedroom from the bathroom at The Andaz hotel in San Diego. Combing technology with functionality, this glass partition turns opaque or clear the touch of a button, making it perfect for hotels looking to deliver a cutting-edge, unique customer experience.


  1. Park Lane Hotel, Hong Kong

The thick-framed glass hotel partition in the reception of the Park Lane Hotel creates a suave urban aesthetic. Located in the centre of Hong Kong, this hotel’s use of glass partitioning and glass doors seamlessly gives the hotel a luxurious and sophisticated external aesthetic.


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