3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Office

The job roles available in the future are almost unpredictable. A recent report predicted that over 10 million UK workers are at risk of losing their jobs to robots, and with the trend of working away from home increasing, it’s likely that the office of the future will be unrecognisable. That said there are minor changes you can make to an office now to ensure it’s just as, or more, productive in 10 or 20 years’ time.

Discover 3 steps to start future proofing your office:

1. Move with technology

Embrace new technology and invest in it. Mobile computers and tablets are only on the rise and trickling into establishments already. Swap standstill computers to mobile, interactive tablets or computers with detachable keyboards and touchscreens. This depletes the need to get additional laptops for those working from home, or having assigned seating.

2. Introduce no assigned seating

No assigned seating with flexible desks promotes collaboration. Integrate the managers with their team and deplete hierarchies for stronger team ethics. Our moods and feelings change throughout the day and with each project, so by adapting the office, employees can work efficiently on projects that require isolation to team work. From designated quiet areas to collaboration areas, and buzzing social hubs to cosy corners, it’s simple to separate areas in your office with demountable glass partitions. This enables the office to feel open plan without the distractions.

Glass Office Partitions

3. Get healthy

A healthy worker is a productive worker, and with many health crises on the rise as a result of sitting at a desk, it can only benefit your business to invest time in encouraging positive employee health. From healthy eating to mental health, take the time research and implement policies, workshops or an open-door policy for discussions about health. Physical improvements to an office that are proven to increase a happy mood and productivity ranges from: office plants, light and airy rooms to weekly fruit boxes and standing desks.

Taking small steps in evolving your office for the future could have wondrous effects on your employees. Start the transition today with glass office partitions at Applied Workplace by calling 01202 577 776 or email us at enquiries@appliedworkplace.co.uk.