3 Tips to Guarantee Employee Productivity

Did you know that the layout of an office has an impact on employee productivity? Office design plays a big part in the focus of workers. Worried your current office space could be detrimental to productivity? Don’t worry, there are steps you can take to guarantee your staff are more productive at work! Read our 3 tips to guarantee employee productivity.

  1. Have Collaborative & Independent Workspaces

“Employees truly flourish when they have room to not only collaborate but also have space to focus”, concluded Gensler in their 2016 workplace survey*. Create a space like this with handy demountable partitions to section off a breakout space  suitable for focus work. These movable walls are a cost-friendly solution that can be installed quickly. Plus, you can choose to remove or change the placement of these temporary partition walls.

Office Partition

  1. Comfortable Office Furniture

The average workday is 8 hours; that’s 8 hours sat in the same position: upright in an office chair, often leaning over an office desk towards a computer. “Work-related low back pain is a major ill health condition in Great Britain” and that discomfort can lead to waning attention. Making sure office chairs are comfortable and have suitable back support can make an improvement to both the health and productivity of your team.

Office Fornitures

  1. Encourage Communication

Open plan offices have many pros and cons in terms of how they impact workforce productivity. One of those benefits is that open spaces lead to more inclusive conversations. Studies show that increased transparency within a company helps to make staff feel more like a part of the team, thus they feel better at work and their work is improved as a result. Encourage quick meetings so that teams can converse (this also cuts the time spent with back and forth emailing!).

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